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Steel roof panels


We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality.


The range of different steel panels and roofing profiles


and finishes AS CLADDING FLASHINGS, PURLINGS,can chosen to provide the finished look and performance required.


  • JI 1000 RWP – Insulating Roof  Wall Panel for use in pitch roofs and walls.
  • In Trapezoidal or Box Profile
  • JI 1060/1000/900/600 AMP – Insulating Wall STEEL panel.
  • In Microrib or Eurobox steel profile


Other profiles, steel panels and roof materials


can provided to suit a wide range of applications based on customer needs. These can be provided on a project bases.




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Rooflights for steel roof

Steel roof need rooflights panels

We can provide a range of Rooflights / Transluents to suit both single skin and double skin steel roof sheets.


Single skin steel sheeting / steel roof cladding / steel wall sheets


steel roof sheet – single skin and anti drop roofing sheets


We can supply a wide range of single skin products in different profiles.


The steel sheeting can be formed in a


  • “Box Profile ideal for roofing”
  • “Corrugated Profile one of most common roofing materials”

using a range of materials to provide a product that suits both performance and required finish.


W.D.L Steel Engineering one of the leading roof materials suppliers in Donegal, Sligo, Galway and North Ireland.


We supply high quality, cost effective solutions, coupled with ease of installation, and lead themselves to almost any steel roof application. A full range of coatings and colours are available for steel sheeting and steel roof profiles, but there are a number which are identiried as particularly suitable for steel roof.


There is possibility to use roof sheeting as wall caldding.

We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality.

We can provide a wide range of single skin products in different profiles and colours of the steel.

WDL steel gutters from Donegal Ireland we are suppliers of guttering


Steel Metal or Iron roof Gutters for sale from WDL suppliers in Donegal, Galway, Ireland

Steel Guttering is supplied insulated or uninsulated in our full range of finishes, including membrane and coated galvanised steel.


WDL’s membrane lined insulated steel roof gutter


is available in lengths of up to 8 meters and are available for valley or boundary wall applications. A large range of iron guttering components are available made to order, including:

  • internal roof corners
  • external roofing corners
  • top ends
  • T-sections
  • sumps
  • overflows
  • weirs


Roof Guttering


can be designed to meet the requirements of the building, please contact WDL’s technical advisors for further information.Ask about cost of guttering check our competetive gutters prices!


need gutters prices? check cost of guttering?

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