Steel Suppliers In Donegl, Sligo, Galway Ireland

Steel suppliers


WDL Engineering is one of the best steel suppliers in Ireland, exporting its products abroad as well, specifically, to the United Kingdom and Scotland.

We manufacture and supply a huge array of steel constructions, such as:

  • steel sheds (for multiple purposes, including domestic, industrial, agricultural and public ones);

  • other steel frame buildings for public use, such as schools, churches, libraries and medical buildings.

We provide advanced steel systems, including the following:

  • steel sheeting;

  • steel roofing;

  • steel cladding.

Structural steel of high quality is what we use for our projects.

Using structural framed steel, we provide steel buildings up to 33m clear span and 12m wall height.

The steel we make use of is the heaviest-gauge commercial steel available in Ireland. It is made from Colorcoat HPS200 ULTRA.

We support the Irish economy in the way that our steel buildings are produced entirely in Ireland.

Rooted in Ireland, we are perfectly aquainted with the specifications of the Irish climate, economy and culture. That is why our customers can be more than sure that our products will not damage their wallet, while still being innovative, durable and in tune with nature.

The situation (also the financial one) of every customer will be listened to with understanding in order to suggest the best possible offer.

Having been in the field for over 30 years, we know how to offer top-notch products at an affordable price.


We have completed numerous projects so far, with happy customers in Ireland and abroad.

Our aim is to satisfy each and every customer.

We know that we can achieve it owing to high-standard services, effectiveness, precision and commitment to the job.

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Our experienced employees are available on

WDL Trentabouy, Drumkeen, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal

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structural steel for sale in Donegal, Sligo, Galway – Ireland

WDL Structural Steel is a fabricator of structural steel fabrications.


WDL Structural Steel is a fabricator of structural steel , steel roof sheets, purlings, cladding and flashing. Although WDL Steel team has more than 30 years in the steel business. We have built a reputation across Ireland as trusted source of structural steel fabrications.

structural steel farm buildings

We have also served a number of farmers in North Ireland mainly in Donegal and Galway and pride ourselves on giving every farmer  satisfaction in every steel farm shed we do. Our welders are certified and all steel fabrication is done with attention of every detail



Learn more about our services and steel projects, explore our website. If  you have any questions or would like to engage our services, please do not hesitate to CALL US or send an Email.



You can ask for Welded Structural Steel Frame Shed with


  • roller doors
  • Personal access doors
  • Windows
  • Roller door remote control units
  • Insulation to roof and walls
  • Sliding  doors
  • Roof lights



structural Steel can be fabricated to our customers requirements with the aid of our inhouse design and steel detailing.


At WDL Structural steel sheds and roof sheets are our main area of expertise.  You can find us professionals who can identify the design, process and  materials you need.  From single story structural steel shed to multi-story structural steel industrial  building, we’ve worked on a multitude of building designs as:

  • Garages and steel sheds for machinery
  • storage sheds
  • American style barn sheds
  • structural steel Farm sheds ( livestock sheds, stables)
  • Carports
  • structural steel Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial sheds
  • Extra High steel frame sheds
  • Custom design steel Sheds



Structural steel design



WDL steel can cater to your architectural design needs.  Our talented team is committed to excellence and can identify and supply structural steel that is both good looking and architecturally functional.

steel sheets for roofing cladding and flashing cut to length goes plain box or corrugated profile

Steel sheets for your roof or wall.  WDL steel sheeting supplier In Ireland Co. Donegal

Here at WDL Steel roof sheeting and steel sheets for walls and any applications we supply a wide range of quality galvanised corrugated steel roofing sheets and box profile sheets.

These steel sheets are available in various colours and finishes, all providing 1m cover width as standard when fitted. All manufactured and cut to size up to 8m in length.

Our corrugated steel roofing sheets are available in various thicknesses, or gauges- 0.5mm 0.7mm 0.8mm. All steel sheets matching colour coded Fixings and Flashings also available.

WDL corrugated steel roofing sheets have 3 inch profiles from peak to peak, and provide 1m width cover when fitted as standard.

Our corrugated steel roofing sheets are available with three different finishes:

  • metallic coating
  • polyester PVC coated Polyester sheets have a smooth finish PVC
  • plastic coated sheets have a lightly textured surface, such as a leather grained effect.


Whilst both sheets are ideal for all applications, PVC coated sheets are more durable. All standard colours available. Please contact us for availability of any other colours you may require. Steel sheets comes in a range of solid , metallic and new natural matt shades that are designed to withstand the rigors of external enviroment.

Roof sheets as Colorcoat Prisma is made up of a number of layers which performs different functions provide: corrosion resistance abrasion resistance UV resistance


steel Flashing |steel Trimming


WDL have a wide selection of steel materials, gauges and finishes available for fabricated steel flashings. Materials stocked include: galvanised pre-coated steels, Colorcoat PVF2, HPS200 with thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.5mm. Our in-house facilitaties ensure quick turn-around of orders. All orders can be made to custumer requirements in variable lengths up to 8 metres of steel flashing.

steel sheds

Steel Sheds – FREE Consultation for your Shed plans

WDL has developed a full range of Structural Steel buildings like Steel Sheds, Garages, Garden Sheds,  farm sheds, log cabins, garden storage to suit every household, industrial or agricultural situation and project style. Whether you are looking for a small storage shed for the garden, or a multipurpose workshop to house a car,

WDL have EXPERIENCE to build a structural steel shed to suit your needs.

find a shed for your needs

steel sheds

  • industrial steel buildings
  • industrial sheds
  • Garden Sheds are built to last, and designed to look good both inside and out. They are available in  a range of modern or traditional colour finishes and are easy to install and maintain
  • steel sheds
  • Garages

“The challenge, howerver, isn’t  simply to build a shed , it’s to build the right shed!”

  • shedsretail steel sheds
  • storage units
  • domestic sheds
  • log cabins
  • agricultural sheds
  • Farm sheds
  • sheep steel sheds
  • cows sheds




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steel roof – sheeting – panels – rooflights – cladding – flashing – ridges – purlins

Steel roof panels


We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality.


The range of different steel panels and roofing profiles


and finishes AS CLADDING FLASHINGS, PURLINGS,can chosen to provide the finished look and performance required.


  • JI 1000 RWP – Insulating Roof  Wall Panel for use in pitch roofs and walls.
  • In Trapezoidal or Box Profile
  • JI 1060/1000/900/600 AMP – Insulating Wall STEEL panel.
  • In Microrib or Eurobox steel profile


Other profiles, steel panels and roof materials


can provided to suit a wide range of applications based on customer needs. These can be provided on a project bases.




074 91 34922

Rooflights for steel roof

Steel roof need rooflights panels

We can provide a range of Rooflights / Transluents to suit both single skin and double skin steel roof sheets.


Single skin steel sheeting / steel roof cladding / steel wall sheets


steel roof sheet – single skin and anti drop roofing sheets


We can supply a wide range of single skin products in different profiles.


The steel sheeting can be formed in a


  • “Box Profile ideal for roofing”
  • “Corrugated Profile one of most common roofing materials”

using a range of materials to provide a product that suits both performance and required finish.


W.D.L Steel Engineering one of the leading roof materials suppliers in Donegal, Sligo, Galway and North Ireland.


We supply high quality, cost effective solutions, coupled with ease of installation, and lead themselves to almost any steel roof application. A full range of coatings and colours are available for steel sheeting and steel roof profiles, but there are a number which are identiried as particularly suitable for steel roof.


There is possibility to use roof sheeting as wall caldding.

We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality.

We can provide a wide range of single skin products in different profiles and colours of the steel.

WDL steel gutters from Donegal Ireland we are suppliers of guttering


Steel Metal or Iron roof Gutters for sale from WDL suppliers in Donegal, Galway, Ireland

Steel Guttering is supplied insulated or uninsulated in our full range of finishes, including membrane and coated galvanised steel.


WDL’s membrane lined insulated steel roof gutter


is available in lengths of up to 8 meters and are available for valley or boundary wall applications. A large range of iron guttering components are available made to order, including:

  • internal roof corners
  • external roofing corners
  • top ends
  • T-sections
  • sumps
  • overflows
  • weirs


Roof Guttering


can be designed to meet the requirements of the building, please contact WDL’s technical advisors for further information.Ask about cost of guttering check our competetive gutters prices!


need gutters prices? check cost of guttering?

CALL US NOW! we Supply gutters in Donegal,Sligo, Galway and North Ireland

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Cladding | Roof Cladding | Wall Cladding in Donegal Ireland

cladding direct from the manufacturer

Wdl steel supplier stock a wide range of steel cladding products for all types of buildings, including private houses, steel garages, farm sheds, steel industrial buildings. Cladding can act as a thermal insulation, can reflect noise, is cost effective, can act as bracing as well as cladding, it is impact resistant and light weight for easy installation. 


We manufacture steel cladding panels in house.

  • external cladding
  • exterior cladding
  • wall cladding
  • cladding for industrial buildings
  • cladding for houses
  • cladding materials



WDL steel Cladding system


The WDL range of lightweight steel cladding solutions has been tailored to suit the needs of farmers, designers, developers, builders and most importantly the home owners and gardeners. 


The WDL cladding range is designed to your project needs.

WDL Steel Cladding are a proffesional run steel business based in the North Ireland Co. Donegal specialising in all types of profiled steel roofing sheets and wall cladding sheets.


We supply a wide range of quality steel products to suit all your needs, including:

  • steel sheets box profile
  • corrugated steel shheting profile
  • Z – Purlins
  • curved sheets
  • steel roof accessories.


Our steel cladding and other roof products are suitable for many applications

  • from agricultural steel farm sheds
  • industrial steel frame buildings
  • domestic use for garages, garden sheds and workshops.


We aim to provide a professional nationwide delivery service within 2 – 10 days from order. When ordering from WDL Steel Cladding you can be assured of very competitive prices and great package deals, all enquiries welcomed.






074 91 34922


Galvanized Steel Roof Purlins for Sale.


WDL provide  ideal and solid support for an unlimited range of walls, roofs and purlins. We can provide a wide range of sections and gauges of materials. Steel Purlins can be supplied in Sigma-section, Z-section, C-section purlin along with all the required accessories. Special profiles can be folded to your requirements. Please consult our technical advisors for more information.


C-purlins for sale direct from manufacturer from Donegal in Ireland










Galvanized Purlins


are accurately roll formed from high strength steel to provide an efficient, light weight and economical roofing and cladding support system for structural steel buildings.


C-Purlins and Z-Purlins


purlins sizes range

  • Depth sizes available: 140mm, 170mm, 200mm, 230mm
  • Gauges/Thicknesses available: 1.5mm, 2mm
  • Purlins length: Manufactured and cut to customers requirements, up to a maximum of 14 metres.









Roof Purlins  


Punching can be performed if required for you. C-purlins and Z-purlins are normally supplied un-punched. If punching is required punching details should be specified at the time of purlins ordering


Purlins customization


the full range of accessories is also available, including:

  • cleats
  • bolts
  • bridging

Matching bolt-on and weld-on cleats, sleeves, tie-bars and brackets available just call Us and ask for details



Roof Purlins complete range of structural C and Z purlins and girts for industrial buildings, sheds, garages, farm sheds anywhere that strong steel framing is required. Made from quality galvanised steel.

Purlins supplied plain or punched, galvanised purlins are manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight, and a long life.


Steel Purlins for sale! Check WDL Competitive Prices in Ireland



Experienced staff are able to advise you on roof purlins pricing and delivery requirements. WDL pricing is competitive, and we ask only for the opportunity to provide a price for your next project.



Metal Roof Purlins Quality


WDL purlins are strong, crisp, clean and square and by any assessment are a quality product. WDL deliver high quality purlins for your project.